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The Competence Center for Circular Economy

Creating a national Competence Center for Circular Economy is a joint development project undertaken by three Finnish universities of applied sciences, Haaga-Helia, JAMK and Novia. 

A call for this kind of competence center exists because the support available for businesses to adopt circular economy practices is scattered and varies from region to region. 

The core function of the Competence Center for Circular Economy is to gather in one place all services that promote the circular economy and are offered by universities of applied sciences.

Support for business growth

This website offers businesses information on the opportunities that circular economy presents, already now, before the Competence Center for Circular Economy is officially launched. 

We would appreciate any recommendations on articles, blogs, events, or research that you have found helpful in recognizing the potential of the circular economy. We welcome the chance to co-operate with stakeholders and look forward to hearing from you.

The national Competence Center for Circular Economy will offer new circular economy and sustainable development business models to accelerate profitable growth. It also records information on the latest circular economy trends and research, brings together experts, and offers various other services. 

These services will be available for the public in June 2023.

Contact us

Would you like to participate in our expert network or in creating the Competence Center? Please give your contact details here and we will get in touch. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Circulate your circular economy deed

Have you noticed new, inspiring deeds that promote circular economy? Or have you taken a step towards circular economy yourself? Please let us know so that we can share your story.